Friday, 30 August 2013

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Actuate Online Training
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Introduction to Actuate
Introduction to Actuate Erd Pro
Creating Reports Using Actuate 9
  • Creating Blanc Report
  • Creating Report Using Report Wizard
  • Creating a Blanc Report
  • Creating a Component Library Role File
  • Creating a Bas File
  • Creating a Rod File

Working with Component Pellets
  • Structure Pellet
  • Data Pellet
  • Controls Pellet
  • Drawing/Graphics Pellet
  • Page Pellet

Understanding Parts of Component Editor
  • Properties
  • Start Method
  • Finish Method
  • On read Method
  • Function Obtain Select Statement
  • On Row Method
  • Make Contents Method
  • Fetch Method
  • Introduction to Variables
  • Introduction to Classes

Adding Parameters to Report         
  • Using Parameter Requestor
  • Using Obtain Select Statement
  • Using Textual Query Editor

Creating Drill down (Hyperlinks) In a Report
Working With Different Report Sections
  • Before Section
  • Content Section
  • After Section
  • Page Footer Section

Creating Various Forms of Report
  • Cross Tab Report
  • Parallel Section Report
  • Serial Section Report
  • Creating Reports for Graphs Purpose
  • Creating Reports Using Multiple Inputs Filters
  • Creating Reports with Memory Buffers
  • Creating Reports with Page Level Security
  • Creating Reports Using Stored Procedures
  • Creating Reports with Report Bursting

Debugging a Report
Publishing a Report
  • Understanding Of Actuate Encyclopedia
  • Understanding Of Actuate Volumes
  • Understanding Actuate Management Console
  • Understanding Actuate  Active Portal

Administration Of Actuate I Server
  • Scheduling a Report
  • Creating Email Notifications
  • Creating Auto Archive Policies
  • Deleting Rox
  • Deleting Roi Files

Understanding Load Balancing and Clustering Of Actuate Volumes and Servers


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